For my found poem, I chose to use an article that a women wrote about her sexual assault and what happened after. Sexual assault is a very big issue that I think needs more attention. In the article, the women, named Carolyn, explains how her life changed and what disorders she fell victim to after her victimization. This happens to way to many people and it happens way too often and I wanted to bring attention to the issue.

In my found poem, I purposely space the first three lines far apart from each other because I want readers to feel the emphasis and impact of what happened. Then I clumped the two last lines together because without support she would never have healed from the disgust and shame she felt. I made sure the poem was short and I made sure I used important words that popped out of the article in order to get the idea of what Carolyn went through across.

2 thoughts on “Survive”

  1. This is a sensitive topic to talk about and I found it clever how you not only spaced out the first first lines but clamped the last. I read this exactly how you explained it, with feeling the space and loneliness in the beginning and then reading the last few lines a bit quicker as if with some sort of relief. I think you used the words you picked well with how the poem progresses because even though it is short it manages to tell me everything from the beginning to end.

  2. The length of this poem is very noticeable however, at the same time it does a very good job of emphasizing the emotions and post-conditions that were felt by Carolyn. The spacing in the beginning causes the audience to slow down with the reading, and soak in the emphasis given to every word and phrase used. The first time I read the poem, I did not notice your use of spacing in the bottom two lines, but after reading your artist statement I realized the heavy impact those words can have, and how the with the close spacing, they are held up with support, showing how Carolyn was able to rise above the horrible event that happened to her.

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