Hi there, my name is Rachel! :)

Hi guys, my name is Rachel! I am from the Binghamton area so my home is not too far from here. My major is Early Childhood Education and I transferred to this campus last semester! I do love this place and I love English, even though I may need some work on my writing skills. I am very passionate about reading. My most recent book was the Twilight Series but I would have to say that the 13 Reasons Why book is a binge that everyone should read 🙂 I am excited to get out of my comfort zone with the books we will be reading this semester!

Hi!! I’m Nicole Bendetti and I’m from West Islip, Long Island. I’m a sophomore here and this is my first semester at Cortland. I transferred as a sophomore and i completed my first year of college last year at SUNY Farmingdale. My major is English Secondary education. I really enjoy English and poetry.

Kyle Schwager

Hey all, I’m Kyle Schwager. I’m a sophomore here at SUNY Cortland, and I’m an Adolescent Education major with a concentration in English. I’m from Lindenhurst, Long Island; it’s in Suffolk County for those who are unfamiliar with the Island. If you need to reach out to me in class I’m pretty relaxed so just come up and talk to me!


Hi, my name is Katrina. I’m a Senior and will be turning 21 on the 9th. I’m from Syracuse and majoring in Sociology with a minor in History. I love reading books and going hiking or to the beach. I also really enjoy cooking and baking.


Hey my name is Melissa Ashbahian. I’m from Floral Park New York which is on Long Island. My major is English Adolescent education. I absolutely adore Harry Potter, in fact I’m and absolute freak when it comes to Harry Potter. I’m super excited for the next four years here!!

Introductory Blog Post

“Writing, for me, involves staring at a blank piece of paper for what seems like hours and hoping, hoping, words appear on that page. And then when they don’t, it involves violently slamming out sentences in barely-comprehensible verse to edit later— whenever, or when-never that may be.”- Taylor, 2018
You can call me Taylor. I am a Professional Writing major with a knack for misspelling words. (Thank god for autocorrect!)
I am interested in drama — the theater kind, not the gossip kind. Love the former, extremely unfond of the other. I have been interested in acting, singing, and dancing since a young age. I am only truly good at the first thing — acting — but that doesn’t stop me from trying!
I have recently discovered a love for certain video games. I’m not overtly fond of first-person shooters, but I am a HUGE fan of League of Legends. I recently picked up the game Mabinogi, and I have found it quite fun as well. I have tried other games, but League and Mabi are my current favorites.
I run — or, more accurately, I am planning to run — a roleplaying game on campus. Think: DnD. The game I run is NOT Dungeon and Dragons, but it works on similar concepts. The game I run — which does not yet have a name — is based off of a book series I am writing, called The Tenth Factor. (Feel free to contact me if this piques your interest. I am always looking for new people to join the roleplay)
I love writing, and I have been an avid writer for a long time. I have been working on the book I am currently writing for six years now. Sounds impressive, right? It is much less impressive when you find out I am only on chapter ten because I have written and re-written this book so many times now. I do not have much confidence in my writing, but I am working to overcome this obstacle. My goal, by the end of my four years in college, is to finish this book that I have worked so hard on. I am confident in my ability to succeed, if only I can set my mind to it.
To get to know me, ask me about:
Maximum Ride
Aurelio Voltaire’s music
First Aid/medicine/biology
The Tenth Factor (my book series)
League of Legends
The occult/modern witchcraft
The Salem Witch Trials (or historical Witch Trials in general. I know a lot about the infamous Witch Hunter Matthew Hopkins. He was a very bad guy with a very interesting life, in my opinion.)
Fun fact: My absolute least favorite topic to write about is myself. If you ask me who I am, I can not give you a straight answer. It is better to ask me what I am currently studying/working on. I am highly introverted, yet deceivingly outgoing. If you want to get to know me, it is best to try to talk to me first. I’m not keen on starting conversations, but trust me… I love to talk. I am looking forward to making this a great year.

Hi my name is

Hi! My name is Hailie Addison, and I’m from Lisbon New York. Not many people know where Lisbon is; the best way to describe it is basically Canada. I can see Canada from my back yard and I work at the Canadian Bridge! My major is English Adolescent Education and I’m very excited to spend the next four years here at Cortland.